GJoe Victor – KILOFAJA Narrowly Escaped Death from The Deadly Battle

GJoe Victor – KILOFAJA Narrowly Escaped Death from The Deadly Battle.

I’m unstoppable and that is why i am dancing like; ‘King David’s’ dance, because at last, I was Lifted up above all my enemies and the Lord mercifully saved my life and restored back all my stolen glory and destiny from my 10years Departed Idiot and a possessed foolish Yoruba Demon and an enemy of progress’ evil ex-girlfriend that threatened my life to death and also posted it on social media’s, because i refused to say yes to all her evils requests and despite all my runnings to avoid her, yet she monitored all my movements, not knowing that, she wanted to use me to clear road, just because of her selfish interest.

I thank God for his mercy and love for not forsaken me and give me the Second chance in life, because upon all her evil plans on me and the blackmailing on radio and all the lies that she lied with the arranged police officer and the threatenings, yet I was mercifully saved by God. Mark 9 vs 23, If you believed in God, all things are Possible.

Although, I was stopped for 12years, but yet, I survived all her evil’s temptations despite how Powerful she is and always brags on me that; No pastor’s can deliver me from her, because she wanted me to Die untimely death. I thank God for his mercy on me to Conqueror her evil’s plans.


She fighted me seriously with all her powers, because she doesn’t want to return my glory back to me and that was why she gave me a deadly assignments, she must marry me by Force so that She can be able to controls my life with her Evil Powers, I refused and let her knows that, i am a Son of God, I am contempted with what the Lord has given me and that was why she started reporting me up and down to her pastor’s and her members, that I am not complying and I also acted fast by going to churches for heavy prayers and deliverance, While i also meet with some Pastors that told me, the battle is a deadly battle and is in between dead or alive, but I can only be saved by God on one condition (If I can try to doubled up my prayer ability and stays more closer to God by reading my bible regularly and also with pure white fasting and prayers with night vigils, Because she’s a demon from the river and her plans is to destroys my life completely.

I did alot of sacrifices that zeros all my accounts and i also sold all my properties, Just because i wanted to be to Leave her bondage, But yet, she didn’t free me, she stood on me that, I am going no where, Unless I do all her wishes and if refused to do it, she will show me the other side of life, Which she did, but still, I thank God for life.

I spent over 3.7Million Naira on the deadly matter that was trashed out on the Radio, Because I was looking for the right solutions up and down, But unfortunately, I felled into the wrong hands, Because all the People that I told about The matter did not give me attention and they all betrayed me and I also doubled up my Faith by going from one Church to another for Prophetic Prayers and Deliverance and I also searched through Radios and flyer’s for the real anointed men of God to Support me with more prayers, Because the battle was like a world war, due to the threatenings, I thank God for my deliverance, Because before I was delivered, I did over 47 deliverance in different churches.

I was threatened to death with alot of things to the extent that a police officer was arranged against me, so that I will be more afraid due to the ranks on his uniform just, Because they all supported her to have me by force, So that she will have dominion over my life and

terminates my destiny with all her evil powers and since I noticed that, I quickly traveled to a Local Country for an hideout and for more prophetic prayers, Because during the period that they were posting and sharing The unsloved and the matter, many people were calling and threatening me that I must Submit myself to her by force, so that I can collect back all my lost, But I told them that, I have Jesus and the battle is not for me but for God.

I reported the deadly matter to radio station’s in Ibadan to help me to put more lights on it by using a godly and a church mind to reasoned it, Because the threatening was so much, But unfortunately, they worsened the matter by using man knows man for me and they also posted and shared the unsolved deadly Matter on all the social media’s platforms without giving me any solution till today.

They trashed my matter to satisfy, the girl, Just because they all knows how powerful she is and they also knows all the prominents people that she was mentioning on the Radio, Thinking that, i might be afraid or ashamed due to how the matter trends on social media’s, But i don’t mind People’s Comments, because i have Jesus.

They Played on my Intelligent By The continuous Blogging and Sharing and The Reposting of The Unsolved matter on the Social Media everyday without giving me any Solution to it, But I Thank God for my Life Because I did not Let my Problem to be more Wiser me.

The Cause of The Fight was that, She said She wanted to help my Life and Boost my Music Career in a Miraculous way, So that I will be well known all Over the World But on One Condition, That I must Submit my Soul for her as an Oath and also to marry her by Force and by that, My ways will be Straight But I insisted on No, That God forbid because I have Jesus.

On 2012, She Forcefully Introduced me to the Man that She was Shouting on the Radio as her Boyfriend and The Man gave me #5,000 for my Transport fee which I told Everybody on the Radio interview But the Second time that we went to the Man’s house, He called both of us into his Bedroom and we all sat down together on his Bed with him in our Middle, And He put His Hands on Our Shoulders and told me that I should be Good and always Comply with the Girl anytime She needs me and after all our Conversations, He gave me #49,000 for my Enterpreneur in School and I also gave the girl #10,000 out of the Money, which I told Everybody on the Radio.

Not knowing that She had Turned all The Man’s Conversations to an Oath and Ever Since then, She had been Using all the Man’s talk against me that, Her father said, I must not Live her for any Reason.

Not knowing that, Her Plan was to Used me and Destroys my Life Completely But I was Cornered to talk The main Points on The Radio Because They Knows her very well and They don’t want to go deep in to the Matter despite all her Threatenings and that was why She was Favored.

But After all my Fastings and Prayers during the Deliverance Periods, I went to Her house with some Pastor’s to help me to Deliver her from her Spell But She was Shouting and Angry at me that, Why would I bring Pastor’s to her house without informing her and She told us that, She would not live me and Anywhere I Reported the Matter, She will be Favored Because they are the Owner of Ibadan and She will show me Hell, Although I thought it was a joke not Until She was well Favored by Everybody on the Program, Infact it was a Total Darkness Because nobody Surported me despite all my Complains.

I was Deceived that the Matter will be Settled Underneath after the interview But Unfortunately, They Uploaded the Unsolved Matter on all the Social Media Platforms imidiately after the Program and started Sharing and Sponsoring it continuously Everyday including The Girl without given me any Solution But I thank God for my Life.

I went to another Radio Station for more Lights But still, there was no Solution due to how Powerful She is and She was also Bragging that Nobody on this Earth that can solved the Problem and that was why some Pastor’s were also Afraid to do the Deliverance.

I was also Threatened live on the Radio interview by an Arranged’ Police Officer to make a Forced Allegations against me on the Second Radio Station by asking me Off questions So that They will not be able to Solve the Real Problem and That was why I was not Free to talk Because they have already Set me up to the Extent that, They always Switched off my Studio Microphone anytime it’s my turn to talk my Painful part And People were also forcing me to date her by Force so that I can be able to achieved all my Lost But I let them know that, The Battle is not for me but for God.

I thank God for giving me a Strong Mind and a Strong Faith and for not Forsaken me Because up till now, None of The Presenters calls me to Check if I am Dead or Alive.

During the Period of the Deadly Battle, She arrowed my Eye just because She saw a Posted Pictures of me, my Girlfriend and my friend on the Facebook Chilling together in a Club on Easter Sunday, despite that we have departed for 10 years But She confessed on the Radio that She delebrately armed me Because She doesn’t want me to Achieved good things in Life since I did not Complied with her.

But I returned all Glory to God Almighty for his Mercy on me Because I Later discovered that, I was Surrounded by Enemies of Progress to the Extent that my best Friends also wicked me despite all what I was passing through.

My mother really tried for me Because during that Period, She was Mourning her Late Husband as a Fresh Widow and Yet She Surported me fully with both the Fasting and the Prayers that, I must Survived the Battle and I also Appreciated and Thank all the Real Anointed Men of God that Devoted there time to Surport me with there Prayers all Over Nigeria and Outside the Country, May The Almighty God continue to Bless and Protect them in all There doings in Jesus Mighty name Because, during the Period of all my Runnings up and down for The Deliverance, I always have alot of Bad Dreams and My house was also Bugled But I returned all thanks to God for His Sweet Love and Mercy on me for not Forsaken me infact, The Story is so Long and that was why I recorded the 2 Songs ( KILOFAJA and THANK GOD ) to Appreciate The Love of God in my Life.

This is my true life Experience, Anything that goes around comes around.

Anything that goes up must surely comes down. No Champions last Forever. It is not all that Glitters are Gold.

Never fall anybody to Rise and alwways Stays closed to God and be prayerful Because The Devil is on Duty 2/4/7.

I’am G’joe Victor – 2023.

©️Source (Written by) :- Olamijulo Gbenga



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